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About Us is a authorized service provider Approved From Government of Maharashtra for E-Registration of leave and license agreement. We use Government’s latest E-initiatives and our technology to provide doorstep service to give a simple and hassle-free experience of leave and license agreement registration.

We combine exceptional legal expertise and customer service skills. We help with registering of rent agreements online without going to sub-registrar office. We are one of the best placed in this industry due to our dedicated team of professionals and rich experience. We are proud of our commitment towards Customer Service as we focus on delivering what we have promised.

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It is mandatory to register your rent agreement. To make the procedure easy for the citizens..

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Minimal Documents are required for all parties (Landlord, Tenant & Two witnesses)
1) Aadhaar Number /card
2) PAN (Permanent Account Number)

E-registration is a new facility by Maharashtra government to register your Leave and License (Rent) Agreement online without visiting the sub-registrar office. Signatures are captured using biometric device and user details are verified using Aadhaar system.

No. With Leave And License Agreementt, you get doorstep service for Rent Agreement Registration. Your Agreement is registered in front of you in 15 minutes, at a time & place of your choosing. (We've even registered at Railway stations & Airports, when people were in a time crunch!)

Its much cheaper than Offline registration! You can check the calculator on this page to get the total amount including the official stamp duty you need to pay.

Don't worry we can visit them separately if they are in a different city's or you can call us & we will guide you in detail.

Don't worry we can visit them separately if they are in a different city's or you can call us & we will guide you in detail.

Give us a call and we will guide you accordingly.

Leave And License Agreement is a facilitator for e-registration of Rent Agreement. Leave And License Agreement will help public to use E-registration facility and take responsibility until the document is registered with the government. Leave And License Agreementt provides doorstep service for E-registration. After online Leave and License draft preparation is completed by Leave And License Agreementt, an executive from Leave And License Agreementt will visit customer place with the necessary biometric recording kit to complete Aadhaar verification.

Stamp duty for Rent Agreement Registration and registration will be paid online by Leave And License Agreementt. Customer will receive e-challan at end of the registration.

Yes an eRegistered Rent Agreement works as a valid document for address proof.

Yes. As per the current E-registration norms of leave and license system, these can be added.



Yes. All the concerned parties should have Aadhaar and PAN number.

Total 2 witness are needed for Rent Agreement Registration online. Both the witness should have Aadhaar and PAN number and should be available at the time of execution.


After submission it will take 2 to 3 working days get the Rent Agreement document to get registered. In case of a delay on the Govt side (very rarely), we will keep you informed and updated over the call. At any time, you can call us during our working hours on the contact number below.

Leave And License Agreementt E-registration is not just a service, its an experience. Its a model framework for how Govt based services can be delivered to the Doorstep, while saving time, lowering cost to user, reducing hassle and over all a pleasant experience rather than it being a burden. When you register via Leave And License Agreementt, you are embracing Digital India and being a part of a movement to bring more such services to your doorstep!

For renewal you have to give us a miss call on +91-913-6666-118 and will get back to you shortly. You can drop message on same number for renewal.

Through-out our organization, at every level, we have a razor sharp focus on customer service. If you have any doubts you can clarify them with us on call. If you are skeptical, feel free to ask any question you have. We genuinely try to make it a pleasant experience for every single Customers. You will, under no condition be disappointed with us. That's our promise.

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